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Mowing Season has Arrived
No weeds, grass or other foliage in excess of eight (8) inches in height above ground level shall
be permitted on any lot.
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Last Updated 5/16/2016

Shalimar Gardens is located just North of Columbia, MO. We created this page to assist in the communication between your Board of Directors and the Community.


Who Are We?


Board Members

Covenants and Regulations


Neighborhood Garage Sale

A Neighborhood Garage Sale will be held on August 20, 2016.

Nextdoor.com Webpage Created for Shalimar Gardens!

A Nextdoor.com webiste has been created for Shalimar Gardens! Nextdoor is a simple and user-friendly private website that is social-network centered. Sign up HERE. It is completely free and is recommended by the Columbia Neighborhood Watch. Nextdoor allows people to communicate about happenings within their neighborhood, is becoming a very well known way to prevent crime in a neighborhood, as well as provide ways for neighbors to connect! Read about how St. Louis and its surrounding neighborhoods are using it HERE

Annual Members Meeting

The Annual Members Meeting was held at 7:00 pm on May 3, 2016 in Lange Middle School. Minutes from this meeting will be available soon.

City Bus Route extended to Shalimar Gardens

Columbia City Bus #3 (Brown Route) is now passing through Shalimar Gardens. Bus stops are located on Burning Bush at Jasmine Way and Shalimar Dr.

Click HERE to see the current route.


Complaint Procedures

To file a complaint about something that violates our covenants and restrictions, a complaint form must be submitted to our Management. This can be done by either sending an email to info@cam-columbia.com or management@shalimargardens.org The formal complaint form and procedures can be obtained HERE, or by contacting a Board member HERE.


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